Friday, October 28, 2011


I recently saw WASTE LAND, a documentary about Vik Muniz (one of my favorite modern artists) directed by Lucy Walker -- I thought I'd share it with you, it's an inspirational journey which reminded me that sometimes choosing *the road that is less traveled by* can lead to something groundbreaking! 

Vik Muniz was born into a working-class family in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961. As a young man he was shot in the leg whilst trying to break up a fight. He received compensation for his injuries and used this money to fund a trip to New York City, where he has lived and worked since the late 1980s. He began his career as a sculptor but gradually became more interested in photographic reproductions of his work, eventually turning his attention exclusively to photography. He incorporates a multiplicity of unlikely materials into this photographic process. Often working in series, Vik has used dirt, diamonds, sugar, string, chocolate syrup and garbage to create bold, witty and often deceiving images drawn from the pages of photojournalism and art history. His work has been met with both commercial success and critical acclaim, and has been exhibited worldwide. His solo show at MAM in Rio de Janeiro was second only to Picasso in attendance records; it was here that Vik first exhibited his “Pictures of Garbage Series” in Brazil. 

" It's not bad to be poor. It's bad to be rich and at the height of fame with your morals, a dirty game." 

" One DOES make a difference - 99 is not a hundred " 
(Valter, Garbage picker for 25 years in Sao Paolo,Brazil)

“I’d rather want everything and have nothing, than have everything and want nothing. Because at least when you want something.. your life has meaning, it’s worthwhile. The moment you think you have everything, you have to search for meaning in other things.” (Vik Muniz)

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