Sunday, November 27, 2011

home sweet home

I'll spare you the introduction, this is my idea of a perfect tiny space I'd like to refer to as home one day.
(This post will remain under construction for as long as my taste keeps evolving)

My idea of a perfect empty space, the chimney is a must.

My apartment walls - def a fan of old school architecture, the big city life is overwhelming enough in the outside world. Why feel like you're part of the system on the inside as well? Im not rooting for extremes - It doesn't have to be Medieval  Gothic Style architecture, but please keep me away from a new modern world of bold structural frames, clean lines & shiny surfaces. NEOCLASSICISM IS THE ANSWER 

I always like to surround myself with cinnamon/vanilla based scents.
Break the classical feel by adding some geometric pieces. My candles would look nice in triplets on that shelf.
Not your typical bedroom, I like to call it the dreamer's afternoon escape. This is where you'll find me when I don't want to be found - KEEP CALM & CARRY ON.

my magazine archives

I've always been fond of that movie scene where two people are having a very serious conversation while brushing their teeth simultaneously - Don't ask

I can't think of a reason why I like this, I just do - so I'll spare you the creative attempt to write a cool caption.

Ralph Lauren - Aubrey white wicked chair

Fairy lights always add a whimsical feel to a space.

I'm obsessed with Ralph Lauren's home design - Who knew Americans had taste? Never mind, this chair was inspired by authentic russian decor.

For the love of fabric, don't have a fit in the changing room - your fashion career begins HERE

I find colorless colors to be the most striking of all.

where can I find you ?

You will also find a little area designed to hold my all time favorite books. On the top shelf you'll find the original Alice in Wonderland cover by Lewis Carrol - Unseen Vogue images - Histoire de la mode contemporaine - Banksy - & some copies of my favorite screen plays!
Wall Piece (1) Soft Sketching
Big mirrors, Big dreams?
Wall piece (2) Mixed Media

Wall Piece (3) Mixed Media

I don't know why I have a fettish for empty frames. I guess it's pretty to think that your memories are yours to keep - NOT for display purposes. Empty frames make a statement of anti-commercialism, not so empty after all.

Neon lights, maybe at the entrance. Even though they don't necessarily fit in the feel of my home - but hey, if you can't convince them, might as well confuse them.

If I were a boy, this would definitely  be my escape.
I thought I'd save the best for last - This piece will be hanging on my bedroom wall, It's always nice to wake up and feel inspired. I actually know the person who drew this, mmm might have a fettish for him too, his face works well all in all x

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trouver d'abord, chercher apres

Why does the caged bird sing?

Creasy: The gunshot holds no fair, say it.
Pita: The gunshot holds no fair.
Creasy: You welcome the sound. The sound is what lets you go. The sound is what frees you. You are a prisoner in those blocks until you were the sound. 
(This is the pool scene from one of my favorite films: Man on Fire)

Maybe that's why the caged bird sings. To welcome the sound, to let go, to seek a flavor of freedom..  Just noticed the birds on the the top right of my my main page. Funny, they were there all along -- took a while to see them -- guess it's easy to miss something if you're not looking for it. Freedom perhaps?

Only is San Francisco 
That's what a 10 hour Caravan ride does to you

I wonder if these shots made the cut

Bits & pieces make a whole, baby steps.

Zeplin Ride, Higher love.

I love my [Broke,Little,Rich,Girl] - Olivia Agostino

You know that one supposedly "insignificant" moment that you remember perfectly from your childhood?  This will def be mine in ten years. Lucky for me, it was captured --- 

Art Gallery, San Fran

Mother nature, you've been Oh-So-good to me.

Right across the inmate's caged "playground", 
is a bird's sky limit. The irony

San Quentin State Prison


 I'd thought I'd save the best for last, a big believer in happy endings. The parallelism of these last two pictures defines my experience of San Francisco. I hope that the caged bird never stops singing, I know I won't.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back to Black

* This is not an image misplacement. It's the introduction of the article.
Wait, WHAT?

They say that the color of truth is grey - but then again, grey is merely a shade of BLACK. "The grey area" that supposedly leaves room for doubt is doomed. I think that all colors would agree that the *real truth is kept secret, hidden in the dark, or whatever cliche sentence there is out there to describe the veil behind which the ultimate, pure essence of "truth" (with a small t) is hidden.
I believe that the Black belt is the color of achievement in both martial arts AND life. We all know the old (glass empty/glass full) theory to test one's outlook on reality .. Well, here's an upgraded version for you: If you define black as - the lack of color - then your perception of the world is based on primordial void & emptiness. On the other hand, if you define black as - the combination of colors - then you are a bundle of happiness and optimism.

                     Even VOGUE -the most influential magazine in the global fashion industry- let go of its "front faces" & mind numbing visuals and dedicated its covers to the basic shades of black throughout design history.

Even though I'm not a fan of heels, nothing makes a stronger statement than these black studded ones.

a verse in the Wholy Koran: " The ink of Scholars is holier than the blood of Martyrs " - That's unfortunately not the image portrayed about Islam. We should start practicing what has been preached to us .. It should be engraved in our conscience, in BLACK.


Behind the sky scrapers & across thousands of high walls, is a garden of wonders and dreams. There is an unseen world where individuals share one common goal : to make it BIG (Trust me, dreams don't get any bigger than the Big Apple itself)
This is me during my blonde phase (don't know what I was thinking) - It's just an example of how shades of black can create striking contrast in photography.
This is Eddie Sedgwick (Andy Warhol's muse) - She basically defines the ideal woman of the 1960's. Beautiful yet vulnerable.. To get acquainted with Andy's artistic revolution, check out the article : "you're the boss, apple sauce" found on my blog archive.

Gemma Ward, one of my all time favorite models.

movie still from "The Black Swan"

Tags: Mickey Mouse, the face of Disney land - Child in the vietnamese war - McDonalds clown.
enough said?
I must say, I believe there's not enough Black in a photo carrying such a heavy & exploitive meaning

une fille au masculin -- ou un garcon feminin? This is a photo that my good friend & very skilled photographer Tanya Abou-Ghazaleh took of me last year in her little studio.