Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trouver d'abord, chercher apres

Why does the caged bird sing?

Creasy: The gunshot holds no fair, say it.
Pita: The gunshot holds no fair.
Creasy: You welcome the sound. The sound is what lets you go. The sound is what frees you. You are a prisoner in those blocks until you were the sound. 
(This is the pool scene from one of my favorite films: Man on Fire)

Maybe that's why the caged bird sings. To welcome the sound, to let go, to seek a flavor of freedom..  Just noticed the birds on the the top right of my my main page. Funny, they were there all along -- took a while to see them -- guess it's easy to miss something if you're not looking for it. Freedom perhaps?

Only is San Francisco 
That's what a 10 hour Caravan ride does to you

I wonder if these shots made the cut

Bits & pieces make a whole, baby steps.

Zeplin Ride, Higher love.

I love my [Broke,Little,Rich,Girl] - Olivia Agostino

You know that one supposedly "insignificant" moment that you remember perfectly from your childhood?  This will def be mine in ten years. Lucky for me, it was captured --- 

Art Gallery, San Fran

Mother nature, you've been Oh-So-good to me.

Right across the inmate's caged "playground", 
is a bird's sky limit. The irony

San Quentin State Prison


 I'd thought I'd save the best for last, a big believer in happy endings. The parallelism of these last two pictures defines my experience of San Francisco. I hope that the caged bird never stops singing, I know I won't.


  1. Your trip, is a dream experience of a life time <3

    Noticed the birds from the very first day of you blog, thought you chose them!

  2. it isss my choice of theme for the blog :) I just haven't noticed them ever since I started posting more frequently -- once they became relevant again, I saw them :)