Saturday, July 30, 2011

You're the boss, apple sauce

Andy Warhol: Turning the assembly line into a punch line. In other words, anything from a coke bottle to a modern day Audrey Hepburn, can turn into the “it” product/person of the season (please note the separation of both product and person is just for casualties, I don’t see the dissimilarity nowadays). What differentiates us from cannibals anyway? We consume one another everyday. The only difference is that we’ve got designer shades to hide our faces.
Wait, I think I strayed away from the point of the article .. yes yes, Andy. I recently saw “Factory girl” (I’m not exactly promoting the film’s premiere lol, I know its been out there for almost 5 years) but heeey, Andy himself said that “ the best thing about a picture is that it never changes, only the people in it do ” I’m assuming a motion picture isn’t any different. Especially when all the cast of human contradictions in the movie are now dead, buried, deceased, whatever’s nicer.
When struggling New York artist Warhol first met Eddie at a gallery, their encounter was followed by one of Andy’s stomach with butterflies.
I wouldn’t usually comment on “sparks”, I mean my stomach tingles at the sight of a beautiful purse, let alone a beautiful man. But known to be an asexual, Eddie moved him. Maybe it wasn’t his you know what that moved – but her bubbly all over the place personality stirred something up. (Again, not what you’re dirty minds are thinking, the man’s sexual interest still remains unresolved and undiscovered throughout the movie). Andy believed that “fantasy love was much better than reality love. Never doing “it” is very attractive. The most exiting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”
That pretty much sums up his outlook on love & sexuality. In other words it loses its element of interest as soon as it’s discovered and experimented with.
Eddie was flawless in every way possible, the closest thing to “perfection”. She became Andy’s muse, his only source of inspiration. Every angle was her “good side”. Forget the old <Onyourmark.Set.Go,> Eddie was always ready to go, ready to have her picture taken, ready to just be and inspire. They shared a very complex relationship that altered between friendship, mind control, manipulations and at some peak, maybe even love. Eddie was too fragile to handle Andy’s numbness, he broke her. She started doing heavy drugs (typical Hollywood scandal) except that he was Andy Warhol and she was Eddie Sedgwick.

I bet ur wondering why the article is called 'you're the boss apple sauce' .. well it was what Eddie said to Andy whenever he asked her to do something for the camera. This particular catch phrase and the way she says it, defines Eddie's character. Watch the movie, it's a must.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I sometimes wonder if the word "Fashion" is sugarcoating a political scheme. However, my worship of the 300 billion dollar industry has shaded its continuous portrayal of women as sex symbols and confined beauty to certain standards that are impossible to meet. Don't get me wrong fashionistas, my heart flutters at the sight of a well put ensemble and breaks at the sight of a faux-pas. Indeed, "we live in a beautiful world"  but since when did "standards" become our new plat de jour?  

The last thing I am is a fashion critic, I'm pretty sure that I'm biologically engineered to dislike any other industry. But I think its time to give our "trying too hard" reality a helping hand. 

I'm calling this the BANKSY movement --- Street art meets politics
                                                                 --- dirty walls VS dirty games

The assembly line pretty much put an end to the days of customization, craft and expertise and replaced it with mass production. "  Tv has made going to the theatre seem pointless, photography has pretty much killed painting, but grafifiti remains gloriously unspoilt by progress " Banksy

This article is dedicated to the first (in my opinion) street artist who gave reality a helping hand by exposing its agendas. It might be street art, but street fashion - YOU are next.

-  We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves" - Banksy

The silver sparkly scarf


Catholics have the pope,
 Tv has Oprah, 
& Fashion has Tyente *