Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I sometimes wonder if the word "Fashion" is sugarcoating a political scheme. However, my worship of the 300 billion dollar industry has shaded its continuous portrayal of women as sex symbols and confined beauty to certain standards that are impossible to meet. Don't get me wrong fashionistas, my heart flutters at the sight of a well put ensemble and breaks at the sight of a faux-pas. Indeed, "we live in a beautiful world"  but since when did "standards" become our new plat de jour?  

The last thing I am is a fashion critic, I'm pretty sure that I'm biologically engineered to dislike any other industry. But I think its time to give our "trying too hard" reality a helping hand. 

I'm calling this the BANKSY movement --- Street art meets politics
                                                                 --- dirty walls VS dirty games

The assembly line pretty much put an end to the days of customization, craft and expertise and replaced it with mass production. "  Tv has made going to the theatre seem pointless, photography has pretty much killed painting, but grafifiti remains gloriously unspoilt by progress " Banksy

This article is dedicated to the first (in my opinion) street artist who gave reality a helping hand by exposing its agendas. It might be street art, but street fashion - YOU are next.

-  We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves" - Banksy

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