Saturday, August 20, 2011


my favorite color is every color.. 

I believe all colors can be pastel; just add white. Think of it as a watered down version of the regular color. Yellow is for envy, red for rebellion, pink for girly, blue for loyalty, purple for royalty, green for health & fertility, black for sorrow, pink for tenderness --- What do pastels stand for ? You can't google a universal answer for that. These photos will give you a feel of painting your life with colors that define mine ..

My room is currently under construction, this picture is an inspiration of the ralph lauren look i'm going for..

Travel junkie

ballerinas by repetto

Mary-Kate is definitely one of my style icons. Scratch pretty in pink .. pretty in pastel is my new fashion statement.

hair is no exception, I love the pastel bleach

my dream closet, almost there!

That's my gorgeous friend Lia Catreux. We met in Paris in a fashion photography class at parsons last summer. The beautiful scarf she has on alters between light beige and nude

Let's do it like they *did it --- in the Warhol factories

As I said earlier, any color can be a pastel. Just add some white to it. In this case - white light does the job!
I love this paiting
my future washroom. Yes, Yes I'm crazy like that. Not only do I have my wedding dressed picked out, but I'm also set on my washroom!