Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Awakening

It’s all make-believe. Isn’t it?  Beirut, that is. The streets feel like a fashion runway, the weather is polluted, flu season is just around the corner & nothing’s more contagious than mistrust and gossip around here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lebanon, being away this summer made me realize how hard it is to be away from home.  When I say home. I mean the 10452 km that define the borders of my country. Reality check people, Beirut isn’t Lebanon.  Sky Bar should not place our country on the world map.

I look around and I see young girls drowning in brands. Thank God for those designer shades that hide their faces. Not that the layers of heavy make-up don’t do the job.  It seems like the red heel marks their social status and the Hermes  Bag is the cherry on top of  their spring awakening.  I like to call them snobs in search for a higher class. New money – Yes, we are floating in it & I know for a fact that some of us are suffocating.  They say love makes a family, but around here? It’s real estate. These girls have a mission: Finding jetsetter charming (prince charming is a complete bore of a love story) who will spend on them for as long as they live.  Scratch love, the new plat de jour is V for Vendetta (climbing the social ladder). They pretend to have humble pie for dessert just to show these poor men that they are not Gold diggers. They might even throw in a pair of converse (studded of course) to prove that they can be casual & somewhat normal. Get this! They might also offer to pay for their meal ! But you know what they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch .. & if she ends up paying her share, game over buddy. She was just testing you. What surprises me mostly is that these girls don’t just happen. They’re made by parents even more wicked than their offspring. It seems like society is being passed down to us by women who are even willing to compete on the behalf of their children. Buying your kid a Porsche at 18? Umm, not the brightest idea. I don’t want to seem like I’m attacking a part of society that I belong to. That’s not the purpose of the article. However, since we are the future ‘society ’, I think we should change the standards that shape us. Yes, fashion is a must because it depicts good taste and lifestyle. But  fashion shouldn’t be about WHO you are wearing, it should be about WHAT you are wearing. In other words, trends are no longer trendy.  Trendy people are followers. Be your own trendsetter.  Don’t follow the season, follow your mood. Last year’s  fall collection by (Maison Martin Margiela) is still to die for.  Also, this whole notion of “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” should start to sell out. Because honestly? They aren’t. Her best friends are.  Why materialize ourselves to this extent?

Another thing I want to talk about is BRAINS. Similar to overrated hurricane Irene, it looks as if brains  have been downgraded to ‘head accessories.’ Lebanese universities seem to offer a degree in Slut. Whoever thought that ignorance was dead didn’t realize that it just changed ZIP codes and social classes. Funny, the higher the class, the more ignorant. I say that because the man who does not read good books, has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. At least those who are uneducated have an excuse. What’s ours? I’m done living in a society where my friends call me and I pretend that I’m catching up on Gossip girl while I’m actually catching up on the new Harry Potter novel.  We shouldn’t be ashamed of our thirst to knowledge.  On the contrary, we should be embarrassed of our lack of it. It’s okay to be into beauty and history. Beauty and film. Beauty and theatre. Beauty and architecture. Beauty and politics. I emphasized on the word beauty because I don’t want to eliminate it from our lives. On the contrary, I think its essential to take care of our image and maintain it. All I’m suggesting is to add a few words to our vocabulary. Baby steps ..

One tree hill taught us that its always going to be hoes over bros.  Too bad that cat fights are the new trend in our *Plastik city. If being sane means thinking there’s something wrong with being different then I’d honestly rather be f-ing mental. They might laugh because they think you’re different. But here’s the thing, you should be laughing because they’re all the same. Never be bullied into silence, never allow yourself to be made a victim & accept no one’s definition of your life.  In a world of comparison and conformity, make your own statement. Those who dance will always appear insane to those who can’t seem to hear the music. In my opinion, it’s a never-ending circle – so you might as well be yourself.  Eminem said it himself “you don’t get another chance, life is no Nintendo game

Written by me.