Sunday, December 11, 2011


Whether you're a saint or a sinner, the afterlife never looked so good.
Wait, that's not fair is it? Holy books clearly state that the good ones are rewarded in heaven and the sinners are punished in hell
But what if your interpretation of hell sounds like heaven to me and my paradise is your notion  of torture? Can we have universal standards that shape judgment day? The afterlife must have some sort of custom made designers and architects.
After all, God is the greatest architect of all - the architect of our existence - I'm sure that "Higher power" won't run short on staff.
Forget a grand entrance to this world, you are nothing but a fetus and no one but your mother (&possibly the nurse) cares. Everybody knows it's the exit they'll remember.
If the saint and the sinner are treated equally, might as well take the easy way out and sin right?
I'm starting to think that saints (aka- the good ones) are those who take the easy way out. They followed the yellow brick road with Dorothy back in 1943 and they are still following rivers today. If they are following, someone must be leading. The leaders are those who we perceive as “sinners”. Those who take risks, break rules of standard procedures & don't always measure the consequences of their actions (aka- don't live their life sucking up to judgment day). Ouch, seems like I'm making the sinner look good and the saint look bad. I always seem to reach queer conclusions and my thoughts are usually always at odds  (see? usually/ always?) but not this time. Rooting for the sinner is exactly my point because without him nothing is revolutionary. To be innovative one must be different & to be different, one must find a source of driving inspiration, a RUSH. 
The universe is yawning and in desperate need of a sensation of some sort. No wonder why visionary director Tim Burton redirected “Alice in Wonderland” … This is what people want to see on the big screen, a fantasy world to escape their unpleasant realities. Science fiction is definitely back! No one wants to watch their realities unfold before their eyes anymore.

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Cloud number nine

empty frames = let your imagination run wild - let it run as fast and free as Forest Gump did.

Photographer Nick Knight, photo featured in Dazed & confused mag.

One of the late Mcqueen's runway repertoires. The creation of the dress in front of it's clientele.

This photo featured in *Plastik mag 

Mixed media (1)
(2) I'm obsessed with this one



I don't know whether this is Banksy or work that's inspired by him. Either way, its part of the Banksy movement of revolting through art --- using the street walls to convey public opinions on political ideals and establishments.

Queer thoughts lead to odd conclusions. 

The universe is fascinating enough - trouver d'abord, chercher apres.

Christopher Kane at his best. I love his astronomical based inspiration.

Everyday I see my dream.. Everyday I dream my dream.. Everyday I want my dream.. Today, I walk my dream

The heart wants what it wants, let it be and stop trying to rationalize things. BE STUPID

As cliche as it sounds, I ask myself everyday why the caged bird sings ..

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo recently .. Well not recently, for the past five years actually! but it's always been one of those things that take up mind space for no apparent reason. But there's something catchy about that bird sequence. 
"Oh Fairy Godmother, were not in Kansas anymore"

MOBY's solace

The Golden ticket that changed Willie Wonka's life forever. It's just a symbol of hope, longing and the use of imagination. After all, the "chocolate factory" seems like a perfect fantasy escape rather than an actual chocolate mill.