Monday, October 20, 2014

rooftop shenanigans

rooftop business  

if the sky is limit,
cool rooftops are the closest thing you can get to the edge of your unlimited creative shenanigans.
in Toronto, we are obsessed with patios because open spaces are simply AWESOME.

to showcase the creative potential of a rooftop, check out samples of photoshoots that took place under the very same roof.
Wait, under? That is to say, on the very same roof.

there are so many ways to utilise a space, especially for creative purposes. we at spacefy strongly believe that one man's trash is another man's treasure and we are therefore fond of the DIY "do it yourself" philosophy.
the term DIY was originally used to repair and remodeling tasks around the home that one could do one's self, rather than hiring a professional.
however in the dictionary of urban and space design, the term can be viewed as seeing the potential in unexpected locations and utilising unconventional spaces to suit artistic needs.
all it takes to create a mood board is a couple of props in a cool urban space. the openness of a rooftop  can broaden your creative horizons, if you let it. 

sun flare, you've been good to my roof. yes you have. more please.
wasted wastes? i don't think so.

here, we have our wires wired with creative outbursts (the beauty of imperfections)
roof-toppin' - yes to this. more please.

Monday, September 22, 2014


If you haven't already heard of  "Feng Shui", here is a brief description:  
The art of "Fen Shui" is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. 
Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations). The Feng Shui practice discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi

The goal of Feng Shui as practiced today is to situate the human-built environment on spots with good qi. The "perfect spot" is a location and an axis in time.

Hexagon of your environment 

That being said, let us look at YOGA which is the perfect practice for the mind, body & soul to manifest an environment of meditation, relaxation and awareness. 
Sure meditation is an internal journey and it can be attained regardless of the outside world.. However the perfect place to align those energies is definitely enhanced by the perfect space which will allow you to reach the fullest potential of your individual as well as group experience. 
We at Spacefy truly believe that being surrounded by an environment that invites you to do so makes the experience more of what it needs to be. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Photographic work can be divided into dozens of categories, many with lots of subcategories.
Whether its portrait, fashion editorial, product, film, digital, or just for experimenting with the camera … the perfect space/environment is essential in portraying the general atmosphere as well as creative essence of your shoots.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Spacefy is your marketplace to find the perfect place to turn those words into worlds.

we at Spacefy strongly believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That being said, we see creative potential in the most unexpected places.

Here’s an inspiration board to broaden our creative minds –

bathroom shenanigans 

desperate housewife, not so desperate kitchen
film grain

parking lots are worth a lot more for us 

vintage parlour -
there is nothing more majestic that a moment buried in simple reality

window widow


Thursday, April 12, 2012

" Sunlight at midnight "

Twenty-five years after the brutal massacre of Palestinian refugees living in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982, the Palestine Theatre in Motion group commemorate the tragedy through theatre.

 Produced on a limited budget, Sunlight at Midnight explores one man’s existential crisis as circumstances around him force him to confront his identity, his heritage, and his people’s history. Using oral histories from Sabra and Shatila refugee camp, television footage, and live music, Sunlight at Midnight successfully transports the audience into the refugee camps and back into one man’s uncomfortable psyche.

Abandoned Art

The Shatila Project tries to show the creative potential of the camp's children, and thereby hopes to open new doors. In the words of the late Palestinian academic, Edward Said, "not the culture of power, but the power of culture." 

Our project aims to establish – working with the children we know and others who wish to be involved - a permanent Shatila Theatre Arts Centre and company on the camp. We want the young people on the camp to take ownership of the Arts Centre/Theatre and to learn all the skills necessary to run it, in association with others on the camp; the Youth Centre for example. We will assist them in making a long-term relationship with Theatre Monnot in East Beirut, which has a touring relationship with outlying regions of Lebanon. We will also help them establish relationships with theatres in the UK so that cultural exchanges can continue to take place.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Whether you're a saint or a sinner, the afterlife never looked so good.
Wait, that's not fair is it? Holy books clearly state that the good ones are rewarded in heaven and the sinners are punished in hell
But what if your interpretation of hell sounds like heaven to me and my paradise is your notion  of torture? Can we have universal standards that shape judgment day? The afterlife must have some sort of custom made designers and architects.
After all, God is the greatest architect of all - the architect of our existence - I'm sure that "Higher power" won't run short on staff.
Forget a grand entrance to this world, you are nothing but a fetus and no one but your mother (&possibly the nurse) cares. Everybody knows it's the exit they'll remember.
If the saint and the sinner are treated equally, might as well take the easy way out and sin right?
I'm starting to think that saints (aka- the good ones) are those who take the easy way out. They followed the yellow brick road with Dorothy back in 1943 and they are still following rivers today. If they are following, someone must be leading. The leaders are those who we perceive as “sinners”. Those who take risks, break rules of standard procedures & don't always measure the consequences of their actions (aka- don't live their life sucking up to judgment day). Ouch, seems like I'm making the sinner look good and the saint look bad. I always seem to reach queer conclusions and my thoughts are usually always at odds  (see? usually/ always?) but not this time. Rooting for the sinner is exactly my point because without him nothing is revolutionary. To be innovative one must be different & to be different, one must find a source of driving inspiration, a RUSH. 
The universe is yawning and in desperate need of a sensation of some sort. No wonder why visionary director Tim Burton redirected “Alice in Wonderland” … This is what people want to see on the big screen, a fantasy world to escape their unpleasant realities. Science fiction is definitely back! No one wants to watch their realities unfold before their eyes anymore.

Tags: Whimsical, surrealism, wonderland, Tim Burton, fairy dust, dazed & confused magazine

Cloud number nine

empty frames = let your imagination run wild - let it run as fast and free as Forest Gump did.

Photographer Nick Knight, photo featured in Dazed & confused mag.

One of the late Mcqueen's runway repertoires. The creation of the dress in front of it's clientele.

This photo featured in *Plastik mag 

Mixed media (1)
(2) I'm obsessed with this one



I don't know whether this is Banksy or work that's inspired by him. Either way, its part of the Banksy movement of revolting through art --- using the street walls to convey public opinions on political ideals and establishments.

Queer thoughts lead to odd conclusions. 

The universe is fascinating enough - trouver d'abord, chercher apres.

Christopher Kane at his best. I love his astronomical based inspiration.

Everyday I see my dream.. Everyday I dream my dream.. Everyday I want my dream.. Today, I walk my dream

The heart wants what it wants, let it be and stop trying to rationalize things. BE STUPID

As cliche as it sounds, I ask myself everyday why the caged bird sings ..

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo recently .. Well not recently, for the past five years actually! but it's always been one of those things that take up mind space for no apparent reason. But there's something catchy about that bird sequence. 
"Oh Fairy Godmother, were not in Kansas anymore"

MOBY's solace

The Golden ticket that changed Willie Wonka's life forever. It's just a symbol of hope, longing and the use of imagination. After all, the "chocolate factory" seems like a perfect fantasy escape rather than an actual chocolate mill.