Thursday, April 12, 2012

Abandoned Art

The Shatila Project tries to show the creative potential of the camp's children, and thereby hopes to open new doors. In the words of the late Palestinian academic, Edward Said, "not the culture of power, but the power of culture." 

Our project aims to establish – working with the children we know and others who wish to be involved - a permanent Shatila Theatre Arts Centre and company on the camp. We want the young people on the camp to take ownership of the Arts Centre/Theatre and to learn all the skills necessary to run it, in association with others on the camp; the Youth Centre for example. We will assist them in making a long-term relationship with Theatre Monnot in East Beirut, which has a touring relationship with outlying regions of Lebanon. We will also help them establish relationships with theatres in the UK so that cultural exchanges can continue to take place.

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