Monday, October 20, 2014

rooftop shenanigans

rooftop business  

if the sky is limit,
cool rooftops are the closest thing you can get to the edge of your unlimited creative shenanigans.
in Toronto, we are obsessed with patios because open spaces are simply AWESOME.

to showcase the creative potential of a rooftop, check out samples of photoshoots that took place under the very same roof.
Wait, under? That is to say, on the very same roof.

there are so many ways to utilise a space, especially for creative purposes. we at spacefy strongly believe that one man's trash is another man's treasure and we are therefore fond of the DIY "do it yourself" philosophy.
the term DIY was originally used to repair and remodeling tasks around the home that one could do one's self, rather than hiring a professional.
however in the dictionary of urban and space design, the term can be viewed as seeing the potential in unexpected locations and utilising unconventional spaces to suit artistic needs.
all it takes to create a mood board is a couple of props in a cool urban space. the openness of a rooftop  can broaden your creative horizons, if you let it. 

sun flare, you've been good to my roof. yes you have. more please.
wasted wastes? i don't think so.

here, we have our wires wired with creative outbursts (the beauty of imperfections)
roof-toppin' - yes to this. more please.

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