Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Big Apple

Frank Sinatra sings "New York, New York its one hell of a town" well, this was indeed one hell of a summer for me .. Life changing to say the least .. It's safe to say that I'm biologically engineered to dislike anywhere but Manhattan 

Always & Forever is such a cliche caption. But that's exactly what it is for me and Olivia. I believe that the people you travel with are often more important than the destination
Central Park - summer 2010 & many more summers to come ..
This photo was taken by a korean tourist! (hence the good focus and angle of the shot haha) x

three young souls were found making a wish on a new york city night in washington square park. In a city that never sleeps, a lot can happen in one night..
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Irene should be credited for this photo (Yes, the hurricane). She might have locked us in, but nothing could keep our creative minds from doing some damage. It was fun, Irene :)
This photo was taken by Melissa Johnson 

Baloo, the big bear in Disney's Jungle book, taught us to "look for the bare necesseties" .. Well on that day rainy day in manhattan, I did. I have my best friend Olivia on my side with some delicious breakfast to share at the farmer's village where they only serve organic meals (aka- HEAVEN on a platter. She ordered the pumpkin pancakes and I got some fresh yogurt with berries & granola)

Take 1, ACTION

overlooking 8th Avenue.  This whole city's a keeper.

New York's best kept secret is finally out! -- Antoine, a french director with an effortless yet brilliant approach at making films. I featured in his short black & white film this summer .. can't wait to see the results! x

every now & then, Manhattan could use a little Brooklyn breeze --- reality check! This particular wall piece of what seems to be a silly squirrel is Banksy's trademark. (Banksy being one of my favorite Street artist --- check out the article "IheartBanksy" found on my main page to get acquainted with his matchless blend of Graffiti and politics)

Watching a screening of Mick Jagger's life in the middle of central park. LIFE-IS-GOOD

Taken at central park using a disposable film



Washington square par

New York Film Academy

Time Square, love the candid print of this photo

Me & my good friend Alberto having dinner (more like finger food) at Beauty & Essex (one of the trendiest restaurants in Manhattan, that explains the canape food - its full of models!). Alberto's a prominent fashion photographer, on his was to greatness I assure you :) He works a camera like no other.

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