Tuesday, October 11, 2011

                                                                                                Hit & Miss

When it comes to family, were all children at heart. Dorothy said it herself: “There’s no place like home.” It seems like were all caught in a big lie, a heavy one. That’s right, one BIG FAT lie (excuse my meticulous choice of wording). Or maybe it’s the truth that’s getting massaged nowadays. Whichever the case, it looks as if sincerity and genuineness are nowhere to be found outside the family circle. I say that because even the so-called healthiest “friendships” find themselves on life support these days. Euthanasia has become an easy call – Who wants to care for a non-profitable vegetable? Most people are fond of you when it’s a win-win situation (don’t get me wrong, its a natural human tendency & I’m a big believer that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, I’m just saying). However with family, no matter how far the distance or how demanding and busy our individual lives may be… family members are bound to get together for wedding ceremonies, memorial services, religious feasts, birthdays, anniversaries & what not.  Basically, the bond is permanent & practically inescapable.
  They say it’s easy to let go of your troubles when the weather’s warm, but all it takes it one fall breeze to blow reality right back into your face. It’s true that all good things must come to an end & summer is no exception.  They don’t call it FALL for nothing, its without doubt the season where reality kicks in.  That’s particularly why when faced with an undecided future, the questions we try to avoid are the ones we dread we already know the answers to. “ Am I satisfied with my life? Do I like my career? Am I good enough to my parents? Am I losing my religion? Is my love towards my children really unconditional? Am I happily married? Do I want to get married at all? How do I tell him I don’t love him anymore? Etc .. ” The mere thought of them makes my head ache and it seems like this season’s prêt a porter collection inspired by the “Arab Spring” is not so prêt a decider. It’s safe to say that fabric isn’t the only thing changing colors this season.  Ironically, change seems to be the only thing that’s constant nowadays. As tan lines fade, some people have adjusted to their winter complexions and others insist on fake tanning despite the Nemo (yes, the orange fish) after effect. It’s indeed a personal choice. Whether to fit in or stand out is a choice. Speaking of standing out, I just took a second look at what I’ve written so far. I went from “Home sweet home” to “fake tans” sprayed with random thoughts about “change” instead of a mega-tan blend (Mind you, faster & darker in a 15 minute session). Jeez, I did it again! I keep missing the point of this article. This is meaningless, STOP READING.
   Take my word for it; this isn’t some sort of ‘two for one’ special. I really have no point to prove. Stop reading.I’m not following the yellow brick road like Dorothy did. I tried to follow it & I found it to be quite dull. The yellow brick road is predictable & conventional. It teaches you to follow your dreams instead of leading them. I choose to believe that reality is better than dreams. I choose a man over a prince. I choose the comfort of my home over wonderland. I choose *not to follow rivers, I choose to lead the stream. I choose small precious moments over larger-than-life moments. I choose my friends over socialites. I choose the journey over the destination. Indeed, it is our choices that show us who we truly are … But then again, the only thing I didn’t choose is my family. That’s right, my parents chose me. My family chose me. Therefore, my unconscious thought process, nurtured values, interests and biological heritage chose me. Technically speaking, my life chose me. All I had to do was fill in some of the blanks and make the journey my own.  This is nonsense writing! How self-contradictory am I?! All my thoughts are at odds. What a queer conclusion. Told you to stop reading …  you didn’t listen. Since you’re still here, I’ll leave you with one of John Lennon’s famous quotes: “Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans.”

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